Key Link Technologies

Our mission is to assist in increasing the accessibility and demand of broadband services to the underserved communities in the State of Illinois and City of Chicago. We put forth initiatives that seek to increase broadband utilization through initiatives that highlight the socio -economic benefits that come with its use.  We will look to drive broadband use through a combination of providing access to those who cannot afford it and creating programs that stimulate interest in the use of the technology. 
Key Link Technologies integrates 3G and 4G high speed wireless infrastructure to the unserved and underserved areas of State of Illinois and metropolitan Chicago.  Our business practice focuses on the establishment of a variety of programs and solutions

Key Link Technologies integrate 3G and 4G high speed wireless infrastructure to the underserved areas of Chicago and Illinois that is affect by the Digital Divide.   Broadband initiative focuses on the following;


1.      Creation of STEM enrichment and training programs to educate communities on how to install, deploy, manage and support high speed broadband services in their schools, churches, community centers and parks.

2.      Develop a “Digital Valley” to facilitate the jobs, expansion opportunities and foundations for new businesses and entrprenuership  resulting from the integration of the 3G and 4G networks, within their communities.

3.      Implement wireless mesh networks that will provide internet access for schools, churches, social services, telemedicine, small community businesses and governments currently with no access to broadband services.

4.      Initiate STEM enrichment and continuing educational programs that that will educate unserved and underserved communities the socio -economic benefits that come with its use.

5.      Implement development programs to train student at high schools, community colleges and workforce development programs the skills to compete in the global society.